Working in the pharmaceutical sector

In spite of a significant stagnation during the last three years, the pharmaceutical industry still generates a lot of money (the international market has a revenue evaluated at approximately $860 billion CAD).

This is a mature industry that will have a difficult time generating as much growth as it once did. However, 2015 may prove to be a turning point for large laboratories with the development of new drugs and more importantly, the industry’s presence in emerging markets. Although this is a very globalized industry, the United-States are far ahead of the main European markets with 38% of the global market. 

The many jobs of the pharmaceutical industry

In 15 years, the global pharmaceutical industry has more than tripled its sales, which stood at $643 billion in 2006; Canada ranked 8th, with a 2.6% market share.

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Sales jobs in the pharmaceutical sector

Research and development investment in pharmaceuticals is such that it is essential for pharmaceutical companies to aim for a substantial and quick return on investment, before the patent becomes part of the public domain

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Humanitarian pharmacist - a bona fide job

While war, natural disasters, and North-South inequalities are increasingly prevalent on Earth, humanitarian missions are organizing themselves and becoming more professional. People with a calling are always welcome, but the trend is now to recruit humanitarian professionals, notably pharmacists, who play a key role in humanitarian projects.

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Temporary work in the pharmaceutical industry — yes, it's possible!

Regardless of whether it is imposed on or freely chosen , temporary work has the wind in its sails, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry—which fully knows how to benefit from it. Although less "comfortable" than a permanent job, contract work can also be appealing and advantageous for workers.

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