January 2017

Rare public hearing highlights concerns over explosion of high-priced specialty drugs in Canada

16/01/2017 | The Globe and Mail
For instance, public spending on prescription drugs in Canada rose by 9.2 per cent in 2015, a figure that may not seem like cause for alarm until you realize that two-thirds of that increase can be attributed solely to revolutionary Hepatitis C drugs ...
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The real risk? The last five minutes of an interview

03/01/2017 |
You have spent a good hour putting in tons of effort to look interested, dynamic, perceptive, curious, and—five minutes to the end—you lose your balance and wipe out. One last question knocks you off your feet, you let out a thank you that sounds fake, an innappropriate gesture right as you’re leaving. Here is some […] The post appeared first on Jobs.ca.
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