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Biological Sciences – a Vast Living Universe!

Microbiologist, molecular biologist, bioinformatician, biochemist, etc. The world of biological sciences is vast and can lead to many professions… as well as some confusion! Here is a brief guide to view it more clearly. In order to demystify the mysterious “bugs” that populate the world of biological sciences, Benoît Leblanc, a lecturer at the Université […]

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What do microbiologists do?

Certain professions are shrouded in mystery. This is the case for microbiologist, who is often seen working in a laboratory, clothed in a white lab coat and seated in front of a microscope. But, what do they do exactly? To find out, let’s take a magnifying glass to their main responsibilities, average salary and job […]

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Do you have a career development plan?

In life, we often like to believe in our lucky star… From a professional point of view, establishing a career development plan can actually help the stars to align themselves. A career plan: a development tool that we’ve all heard about, but… who has one? However, according to Al Dea, career development specialist, those who […]


The Exit Interview and Why it Matters

When an employee resigns it is becoming more and more common to conduct an exit interview. How is it conducted? What do you gain from it? We spoke to Émilie Pelletier, CHRP and HR marketing and communication strategist at HRM Group. Less known than the hiring interview, the exit interview is gaining popularity among organizations […]


The Job Search – How to Keep Your Morale Up

Between rejection and when tons of resumes act like messages in bottles, how do you keep your morale up in spite of everything? Tips from Mathieu Guénette, guidance counsellor. Revise your CV and ask for advice According to Mr. Guénette, the first thing to do is to make sure your CV is clear and relevant. […]


There Is a Shortage of Pharmacists in Health Facilities

The Association des pharmaciens des établissements de santé du Québec (APES) has sounded an alarm: it will be short about 400 pharmacists in Quebec health facilities! Why? But above all, where are they to be found? A chronic problem According to Linda Vaillant, director general of APES, out of 10,000 pharmacists in Quebec only 1,600 […] network