Articles by Clotilde Morin


Foreign Pharmacists – How Can They Practise in Canada?

Job prospects in Canada are excellent for foreign pharmacists. But how can they get their license to practice? What are the specific requirements in Quebec? And how should they prepare to get set up? Overview of the process To demonstrate their ability to adapt to Canadian standards, a foreign pharmacist has to go through many […]


Newcomers – Adapting Your Résumé for Canada

What are the characteristics that distinguish a Canadian résumé? Here are some aspects to consider, if you have just arrived in the country. From pragmatism and adaptation to the job offer Canadian recruiters expect to find the exact requirements of the job offer in your résumé. Sort through your business information to include only those […]

Company life

Company Culture – How to Find the Ideal Employer

Looking for an employer is becoming more and more like looking for… a spouse! An increasing number of employees are looking for the perfect match. A recent survey by the Robert Half firm reveals that 2 Canadians out of 5 would be willing to turn down the job of their dreams if they disagreed with […] network