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Head Pharmacy Technical Assistant Job Overview

Valérie Roy was only 16 years old when she got her first job as a pharmacy technical assistant (PTA). After a few years, her boss appointed her head PTA. Today, as a pharmacy administrator, Valérie describes her experience as head PTA in a community pharmacy. What did you find interesting when beginning the PTA profession? […]


Digital Pill: When Technology and Medicines Join Forces

The digital pill: The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has just approved the first ever drug with an ingestible sensor that records the time when it is taken by the patient. A new era in pharmacy has just opened.  On November 13, the FDA announced it has approved, in the United States, the first digital […]


What does the Work of a Clinical Research Associate Consist of?

Clinical research is a fascinating field. Things are moving at a dizzying pace and there is no such thing as routine. Annie Raymond Desgagné has worked in it since 2005. She started out as a junior clinical scientist, then became a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). Even today she feels she is actively involved in advancing […]


Naloxone Offered Free of Charge in Several Canadian provinces

To counteract the increasing number of cases of opioid intoxication, more and more Canadian provinces are providing access through pharmacies to naloxone, a drug administered to reverse the effects of an overdose. After Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island, it’s Quebec’s turn to offer naloxone free of charge through […]

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The Great Leap to Become a Pharmacy Technician

Guylaine Gagnon was 46 years old when she returned to school. After questioning herself for a long time about which profession she wanted to practise, she set her sights on being a pharmacy technician. It is a decision she has never regretted. Mrs. Gagnon, after having dedicated yourself to your children for several years, you […]

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The Challenge of Foreign Pharmacists in Canada

Having your skills recognized is the challenge of foreign pharmacists – Pharmacists who immigrate to Canada face many obstacles when they try to have their skills and professional knowledge recognized. The process is long and expensive, and the requirements to be satisfied are different from one province to another. According to the Canadian Pharmacists Association, some […]

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Interview with a Clinical Data Manager

Anyone who works in clinical data management participates in the process of developing drugs by ensuring there is adequate data collection to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of a therapeutic molecule. To learn more about this branch of clinical research, we met Valérie LaSalle, senior clinical data manager at Quintiles. What does your work consist […]

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An Alternate Practise of Pharmacy

In 2015, to make the expertise of Quebec pharmacists available online, Alexandre Chagnon built the website Ask a pharmacist. Users can ask questions of pharmacists on call in their region, who respond within 24 hours. We wanted to learn more from the founder of this application, who offers an alternate way of practising pharmacology: remote […] network