Medical Uniforms: What Are the Trends of the Moment?

Fashion trends also influence medical clothing. Stylish and durable medical uniforms are now offered to the health sector. With a trend that is currently very strong: the jogger cut. “These are pants that end with elastics, like those of athletes. We hardly sell anything more than those! It has become fashion!”, explains Uniformes Direct in Montreal, which has been dressing the medical sector for thirty years.

Appearing a few years ago, these outfits inspired by the sporting world are a great success, for both men and women, and not just for their shapes. “The great evolution comes from textiles: uniforms are made from breathable technical fabrics, there is less and less cotton, and more polyester and spandex. This allows professionals to suffer less from the effects of perspiration,” says Johanne Genest at Uniformes Select in Quebec City. “These are fabrics that do not wrinkle, that do not stain, that do not fade and that dry quickly.” Very easy to maintain, these new clothes have unanimously attracted the entire profession.

Dare the colour!
Between style and well-being, manufacturers have grasped the message to adapt to the constant changes in demand: White Cross, a Quebec benchmark in this area, as well as Health Pro, now offer outfits in all colours (dark blue, grey and black in particular), and with attention to detail. Here are thin side stripes appear on the sides of the pants. There are colourful seams or more elaborate necklines to maintain a style that is both trendy and professional. “Attendants, nurses, doctors and dentists not only want to wear clothes that they feel comfortable working in all day, they also want to be stylish,” adds Johanne Genest. While for attendants, the base model of scrubs is still in place, dentists, for example, now easily opt for zipper or button jackets.

The effects of fashion are even reflected in the choice of shoes, as it is increasingly common to see health specialists in sneakers.

Finally, another sign of the evolution of times, health uniforms are increasingly being bought online. With style and in a few clicks, the medical community wants to stay connected to its time.

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