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Laboratory Analyst

October 11 2017
Industries Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology
Categories Pharma, Biotech, Sciences, R&D, Quality assurance and control - Validation, Chemistry, Laboratory
Mirabel, QC

This is a permanent position reporting to the Director, Analytical Operations. The Laboratory Analyst will be responsible for performing assay, impurity and dissolution tests on various analytes and physical testing of samples following Standard Operating Procedures.  The Laboratory Analyst will be also responsible to act as the Alternate Qualified Person in Charge (AQPIC) ensuring adequate control of narcotics and controlled drug laboratory samples.

The Laboratory Analyst`s Responsibilities Include:

General R&D duties including;

  • Formulation Assessment.

  • Execution of test protocols and preparation of associated reports.

  • Performing HPLC, TLC, UV and dissolution tests.

  • Preparing various solutions including standard and sample solutions, starting analytical runs, collecting, processing and reporting final results, and verification of other Analysts results.

Analytical Method Development related duties including;

  • Writing Analytical Method statements.

  • Execution of Analytical Method qualification/validation/transfer protocols.

QC duties including;

  • Execution of release tests including physical tests and preparation of CofA.

  • Execution of stability protocols and preparation of associated reports.

General laboratory duties including;

  • Preparation and cleaning of equipment and glassware.

  • Maintenance of the quality assurance system:

    • Daily calibration of balances and pH meters.

    • Maintaining laboratory note-book and logbooks.

    • Writing and reviewing SOPs.

    • Responsible for dealing with all narcotic products (Bulk, intermediate and finished products manufactured internally or externally, stability studies samples, raw materials, and secondary or primary standards) in terms of but not limited to: handling for testing, register, destruction, and monthly inventory control according to the instructions highlighted in the relevant SOP's.

Analytical AQPIC duties including;

  • Manage daily requests of narcotic and controlled substances including pickiong up, dispensing and return to dedicated locations, as well as monthly inventory verification and update in coordination with other Altus AQPIC persons.

  • Update, register and review transaction documents, investigate inventory discrepancy and ensure that all records related to narcotics or controlled substances products are up to date, accurate, retained and follow the relevant SOP's.

Requirements for this position include:

  • Eligible to apply for AQPIC: Have a Bachelor of Science degree from a Canadian accredited Institution and a Clear CPIC (Canadian Police Information Center) check.

  • Have a practical relevant experience as Analyst (at least two years) acquired in pharmaceutical industry, with hands on experience with HPLC and dissolution techniques and good knowledge of pharmacopoeia techniques and GLPs.

  • Self-motivation, as well as good team-working skills are essential.

  • Resourceful, organized, enthusiastic, meticulous and computer literate.

  • Good communication skills (oral and written).


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