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Sonia Girolamo @Pharmascience

Sonia Girolamo was hired by Pharmascience as Vice President Finance and Chief Financial Officer in Montreal. Up until now, she had worked as Chief financial officer at Solotech Inc. .

Derek Morine @Shoppers Drug Mart

Derek Morine has been appointed Vice-President, Health and Wellness Product Management at Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto where he was a Senior Director, Strategy.

Michelle Hojjati @Takeda Canada Inc.

Michelle Hojjati was hired by Takeda Canada Inc. as a Market Access Manager, Oncology in Toronto. She was previously a Health Solutions Manager, Pain & CNS Divisions at Purdue Pharma (Canada).

Alysa Pompeo @GSK Canada

Alysa Pompeo moved from St. Jospeh Pharmacy to join GSK Canada in Toronto as a Medical Information Specialist.

Falisha Adatia Kaba @Merz Pharma

Falisha Adatia Kaba got the job as a Medical Science Liaison at Merz Pharma in Vancouver. Formerly, she had been a Cardiology Research Coordinator at University of British Columbia.

Nathan Ho @Amgen

Nathan Ho has been appointed Medical Science Liaison - Cardiovascular Medicine at Amgen in Toronto. He had formerly worked at Bayer Pharmaceuticals in the same position.

Lamia Kalfane @Novartis

After being employed as an Associate Director, Medical Science Liaison at Taiho Pharma Canada Inc, Lamia Kalfane has been recruited as a MSL Manager at Novartis in North Vancouver.

Kristie Ross @Merz Pharma

Kristie Ross is taking on the responsibilities of National Manager at Merz Pharma in Toronto. Up until now, she served as Associate Director Clinical Training at Allergan.

Natalie Harvey @ExecuPharm

Natalie Harvey has been hired by ExecuPharm as a Partner Line Manager in Montreal. She had worked at JSS Medical Research.

Ryanne Kosick @LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services

Ryanne Kosick joined LifeLabs Medical Laboratory Services as Product Manager, Business Development – Genetics in Toronto.

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