Appointments in pharmaceutical in Quebec, October 2022

Jonathan Wasserman @Merck

Jonathan Wasserman was recruited by Merck as Director of Marketing and Sales, Oncology in Montreal. He was previously employed at Pfizer.

Eric Veilleux @Galderma

Eric Veilleux moved from Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare plc to join Galderma in Montreal as a National Sales Manager, Specialty Rx.

Dotan Ran @MSD

Dotan Ran has been hired by MSD as Director, Digital, Data and Analytics Lead for EMEAC in Beaconsfield. He formerly worked at Merck.

Natasha Salgar @MEDISCA

Natasha Salgar moved from Jubilant Radiopharma to join MEDISCA in Montreal as a Compliance Manager | Regulatory Affairs & Legal.

Nancy Beshay @Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management

After working as a Principal, Project Management and Medical Communication Specialist at Six Degrees Medical, Nancy Beshay has become a Senior Vice-President, Member and Regulatory Relations at Canadian Association for Pharmacy Distribution Management in Pincourt.

Yunghan Au @Green Shield Canada

Yunghan Au was hired by Green Shield Canada as Pharmaceutical Agreements Manager in Montreal. He previously worked as Manager, Market Access and Health Economics and Outcomes Research at AbbVie.

Kyle Steiger @Valeo Pharma

Kyle Steiger was recruited by Valeo Pharma as a Senior Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer in Dorval. He previously worked as a Vice President - Commercial Services at Ashfield, part of UDG Healthcare.

Sylvie Pilon @The Pangaea Group

Sylvie Pilon has been hired by The Pangaea Group as a Pangaea Biopharmaceutical Consultant in Senneville. She served at AbbVie.

Joseph Atallah @Covis Pharma

After working at Bristol Myers Squibb, Joseph Atallah is taking on the responsibilities of Senio Director New and Pipeline Products & Market Access at Covis Pharma in Laval.

Kevin Nadeau @Advanced Accelerator Applications

Kevin Nadeau has been hired on as a Key Account Manager at Advanced Accelerator Applications in Ottawa. Previously, he had worked as Senior Oncology Account Specialist at Ipsen at Ipsen. network