Pharmaceutical appointments for July 2022

Nassim Yahia @Pfizer

Nassim Yahia has been appointed Fellow, Access and Government Relations at Pfizer where he had previously been a Market Access and Health Economics Intern.

Jenev Portelance @Pfizer

Jenev Portelance has been hired as a Senior Manager, Access, Private Sector Accounts at Pfizer in Montreal. Previously, she was an Associate Director Public Health and External Affairs at Merck.

Laila Messai @CellCarta

Laila Messai has been employed by CellCarta as Quality Assurance Auditor in Montreal. She was formerly employed at CIRION BioPharma Recherche.

Jessica Tran @Purple Squirrel Economics, now a Cytel company

Jessica Tran has become Research Associate, HEOR at Purple Squirrel Economics, now a Cytel company in Montreal where she was working as a Research Associate Intern.

Lucie Schnebelen @Keyrus Life Science

Lucie Schnebelen has become a Clinical Research Associate / Clinical Project Manager at Keyrus Life Science in Montreal. Before, she had been employed as an International Clinical Operations Lead apprentice at Servier.

Aurore Bornais @Pharmascience

Aurore Bornais was hired by Pharmascience as a Supplier Relationship Manager in Montreal. Until now, she had been employed as a Procurement Specialist.

Gilles Jost @Galderma

Gilles Jost has been recruited by Galderma as a Project Manager NPI/Transfer in Montreal. He worked at Pharmascience.

Caroline Petit @Theratechnologies Inc.

Caroline Petit is leaving the position of R&D Department Coordinator in Cenexi. She is becoming Pharmaceutical Development Manager at Theratechnologies Inc. in Montreal.

Olivier Chabot @Sanofi

Olivier Chabot has been hired as a Trade Marketing Specialist at Sanofi in Montreal. Formerly, he had been working as an Assistant Shopper Manager Marketing at Molson Coors Beverage Company.

Emilie Chartier @MSH Pharma

Emilie Chartier was recruited by MSH Pharma as a Manager, commercial operations and business development in Mont-St-Hilaire. She had previously occupied the role of Project manager at Laboratoires Confab Laboratories. network