Employment in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industry

You will find here pharmaceutical related tools and resources to help you choose a career in biotech, apply on pharmacy jobs, prepare for a life sciences/scientist /clinical research job interview, assess your pharmaceutical skill set, and much more.

Humanitarian Pharmacist – A Bona Fide Job

While war, natural disasters, and North-South inequalities are increasingly prevalent on Earth, humanitarian missions are organizing themselves and becoming more professional. People with a calling are always welcome, but the trend is now to recruit humanitarian professionals, notably pharmacists, who play a key role in humanitarian projects. Although pharmacists were historically restricted to an inventory management role, Jean-Michel […]

Pros and Cons of Temporary Work in the Pharmaceutical Industry

Regardless of whether it is imposed on or freely chosen , temporary work has the wind in its sails, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry—which fully knows how to benefit from it. Although less “comfortable” than a permanent job, contract work can also be appealing and advantageous for workers. Feminization of the pharmaceutical industry  The sector […]

Pharmaceutical Industry Sales Jobs

Research and development investment in pharmaceuticals is such that it is essential for pharmaceutical companies to aim for a substantial and quick return on investment before the patent becomes part of the public domain. Indeed, the pharmaceutical industry is the second largest business sector, after information technology, in terms of investment in research and development. […]

Career Paths in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In 15 years, the global pharmaceutical industry has more than tripled its sales, which stood at $643 billion in 2006; Canada ranked 8th, with a 2.6% market share. The numbers in this sector are dizzying: it costs tens of millions of dollars and more than 10 years to bring a new product to market (and […]

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