Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Job Descriptions

You will find here pharmaceutical related tools and resources to help you choose a career in biotech, apply on pharmacy jobs, prepare for a life sciences/scientist /clinical research job interview, assess your pharmaceutical skill set, and much more.

Clinical Research Technician Job

Clinical trials are a key phase in the development of drugs and other health products and the ensuing race to market by pharmaceutical companies. Clinical research technicians have an important role to play with respect to the investigator, who manages and controls the conduct of the study. Clinical research technician job description Clinical research technicians […]

Medical Laboratory Technician Job

The laboratory technician profession is 80% women, with an unemployment rate of less than the national average (3% vs 7%). The outlook for growth is above-average too, due to current trends: a growing elderly population leading to an increase in the demand for health care services, development of new technologies for diagnoses and treatments, and […]

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Job

Pharmaceutical sales representative job description For a given territory, a pharmaceutical sales representative is in charge of developing relationships with pharmacists and doctors to promote the products of the pharmaceutical company that employs him/her. There are more than 58,000 pharmaceutical representatives in Canada who find numerous advantages of the job: flexible schedules, high pay, a […]

Regulatory Affairs Specialist Job – RAS

The development of a pharmaceutical or biotechnological company requires the appropriate registering of its products and the periodic renewal of market authorizations. Obtaining approvals from regulatory agencies (Canadian, American, European) and Health Canada’s Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) is crucial. Departments mainly concerned with these regulations are research, development and production. Regulatory affairs specialist job description […]

Bioanalyst Job

Bioanalysts, or bioinformaticians, take part in basic and applied research in order to enhance knowledge about living organisms, manage natural resources and develop new practices and products in the fields of medicine and agriculture. They work in laboratories or in the field for the government; environmental consulting and natural resources companies; public utilities; chemical, pharmaceutical […]

Research Pharmacist Job

Background The Pharmacist Code of Ethics stipulates that a pharmacist must “aid in the enhancement of the profession by exchanging knowledge and experience with other pharmacists and students, by continuously improving their level of professional knowledge and skills through ongoing coursework and training, as well as through job experience and scientific research in the field […]

Pharmacy Technician Job

Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies in retail chain stores, independent pharmacies, clinic and hospital pharmacies; and in related organizations such as pharmaceutical companies, health and life insurance companies, drug wholesalers and pharmacy supply companies. Pharmacy technician job description Pharmacy technicians provide clerical and technical support to pharmacists in hospitals or retail pharmacies. In most retail […]

Pharmacologist Job

Background Pharmacology combines all aspects of the study of drugs, from their history to their use and their consequences. Pharmacology encompasses galenic pharmacy, the branch that concerns the preparation and administration of medicines; pharmacodynamics, the study of the effects of drugs on living beings; and pharmacokinetics, dedicated to the transformations of the medicine once administered […]

Pharmacist Job

Pharmacist job description Community pharmacists (local pharmacies, chains) and hospital pharmacists fill prescriptions, give advice on the use of drugs and keep records of customer prescriptions. Industrial pharmacists participate in the research and development, testing and production of new drugs. They draft information documents regarding the use and therapeutic effects of particular drugs and evaluate drug labelling, packaging and advertising. […]

Microbiologist Job

Microbiology is a science that is divided into several branches: bacteriology, virology, parasitology and immunology. The objective of microbiology is to build specific knowledge in an effort to counter the propagation of harmful microorganisms and to develop concrete applications from research findings (wastewater treatment, the transformation of toxic waste, industrial fermentation, fertilization, medicines). Description of […]

Chemist Job

Chemist job description   The chemist designation covers a lot of ground—from research and development, to sales representative, and including production and quality control. In the lab, chemist are in charge of analyzing the properties of molecules and creating new reactions. In the plant, they design and optimize continuous production facilities, while ensuring compliance with environmental […] network