Bioanalyst Job

Bioanalysts, or bioinformaticians, take part in basic and applied research in order to enhance knowledge about living organisms, manage natural resources and develop new practices and products in the fields of medicine and agriculture. They work in laboratories or in the field for the government; environmental consulting and natural resources companies; public utilities; chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech companies; and in health care and teaching establishments.

Bioanalyst job description

With a foot in both computers and biology, bioanalysts apply computer tools to the various areas of biology, e.g. genomics.

Main duties of the bioanalyst

Bioanalysts manage biological database systems and data. Working with medical, surgical and pharmaceutical specialists, they develop specialized software and databases used for computer-assisted diagnostics and therapeutics, or develop network telecommunications technology for specific requirements (remote consultation between specialists, remote surgical assistance via electronic image transmission , etc.). As computer specialists, they also have the required education and experience to understand the medical information they need to compile and process, as well as the complex requirements of medical environments as regards telecommunication.

Education to be a bioanalyst

A college degree in natural sciences with chemistry or biology courses, along with a bachelor’s degree in math, computers or biology, or ideally a master’s or Ph.D. degree in bioinformatics, are recommended for getting a job in this field.


  • Fluent in the use of various tools for analyzing biological data (analysis software, programming languages, modelling and database design)
  • Very good knowledge of biology (genetics and molecular), statistics and probability
  • Experience in project management as regards the collection of data, supervision, and recording of results


  • Ability to analyze, generalize and see the big picture
  • Thoroughness and discipline
  • Adaptability for correct positioning with respect to two disciplines
  • Listening and teamwork skills
  • Independence and critical spirit network